Thursday, 29 March 2012

Super Money Saver Tips for Golf

How true is it that golf is an expensive game? Is golf equipment a luxury items? It all depends. When you think about it, anything in life can be expensive, if you do not learn how to manage your cost. Even if prices of commodities are going high, and the cost of living seems to go up constantly, you can still be able to afford to play golf by being creative and aware of how to spend your money intelligently.

When you are into this sport, what do you really spend on? Let us see enumerate these areas of spending, and find out ways in which to save.

Golf Equipment - this is an umbrella of different items we use to play the game, namely your golf bag, golf club, golf balls, shoes, gloves, tees, and other related items. A player can save money by:

  1. Not being brand conscious. Premium brands entail high costs. You should always try to be open to using good quality golf equipment and not be compartmentalized with just marketing savvy. If you are too particular about brand names, then expect to pay more pounds than what is needed.

  1. Borrow equipment from friends. This allows you to use equipment that you need without having to buy your own. Just make sure that you are careful not to cause damage to these golf equipment, or you may have to buy new ones, and spend more in the end. Besides, if the said equipment is really not being used by your friend, it is better that you use it in the meantime.

  1. Taking good care of existing golf equipment. If you end up buying your own golf set, make sure you keep it in good shape. Never throw it around, and exercise loving care. You want these equipment to last their intended lifespan or longer.

Driving Range – to practise your long game, you have to constantly hit the range and hit some balls. You can still try to find ways to save on this item:

  1. Play in a low-priced range near you. This way you save on gas and other related expenses.
  2. Always maximize your time when inside the driving range. Waste of time means waste of money.

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