Thursday, 24 May 2012

Modelling: From Model to Actor

Many people see modelling as a way of getting into acting – particularly on the television or in film. Is this a feasible career path, or do only the supermodels make it? To find out more visit

Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz are successful examples of how someone can change from a high flying career in fashion modelling to a money-spinning Hollywood actress. Opportunities or indeed talents like these don’t come around too often, but if you’re thinking about making the switch, here are some things to consider:

  1. Work hard at the modelling first: A lot of modelling is also acting – creating different expressions and moods to communicate with the audience. You also have to be comfortable in front of the camera. Once you are being truly natural as a model, have mastered your poses, and have grace and poise, you will find it easier to start looking for non-modelling work.

  1. Look for TV and film extra opportunities: Some modelling agencies, and certainly many online agencies, are used by TV and film casting people to spot and hire people as extras for their programmes. As a model, you may have a certain look that will fit into a scene and may get asked to take part. This is an excellent chance to see how TV and film production work, and get used to being on a set.

  1. Ask about advertising opportunities: Commercial modelling is a big part of the industry, and it often includes TV advertising. In many adverts, you may not need to speak, but you will be working with the camera, and learning how to perform for a television or film audience. This is great experience, and also gives you the opportunity to network in a different environment.

  1. Take lessons: If you have the time, take some acting lessons. This will help to enhance your modelling skills by learning to speak and move in ways which communicate with your viewers. You may need to have voice lessons, to modulate your voice, or to teach you to slow your speech, which may help with auditions.

  1. Look for speaking parts: If your agent covers this sort of work, tell them you are interested in small speaking parts in TV, film or commercials. If they can’t help you get this work, they will probably have a contact at an acting agency who can help.

  1. Work hard and study hard: If you have the talent and you feel you could succeed, then you must work hard and study the profession. You will often be auditioning against theatre-school trained actors, and you will want to give the very best you can in order to secure a part. If anything, acting is more competitive than modelling, and unless you are willing to put in the effort to succeed, the likelihood is that you won’t.

21st Century Modelling

The huge changes in fashion over the past century, together with the revolution in technology, means that the fashion world and its models have a global reach and worldwide influence. Everything from televisions to clothing and Burns Jewellers Ice Watches are modelled by individuals with the right look for the brand.


The personnel changes in the big design houses over recent years, combined with the emergence of new designers around the world, and particularly in China, have affected the fashion and modelling industries. Fashion houses have diversified their business, producing clothing lines for men and women, launching accessory ranges, bringing out new fragrances and even moving into designing homeware and luggage. They want the models who promote their key clothing collections to promote their other ranges – creating an association in the mind of the consumer.

This means that whilst the modelling opportunities have increased for most models, particularly in the commercial and fashion catalogue sections of the industry, the top models are working harder, and have also moved into super-celebrity status. They have to work hard and earn millions of pounds, but are hounded by journalists and photographers outside work.

Technology and New Markets

The internet has been the technology success of the last 10 years, and online modelling agencies are now commonplace. These agencies widen the opportunities available to models of all shapes and sizes, who may be contracted not just for straight modelling work but also for music videos and TV work, as non-speaking actors, or extras.

The creation of the “tweenie” market; 8-12 year olds, has prompted a rise in the need for models of this age, and so many more children than before are contracted to model agencies. The age for spotting a model who may progress to super-stardom is now around 14, when she has just finished pre-teen modelling.

24 hour television and dedicated fashion channels, together with online versions of the traditional fashion magazines has increased the exposure for models of all types. Models appear at a whole range of celebrity and charity events, but are also subject to the most demanding levels of scrutiny from the public and the press.

All these fashion and modelling trends have really emerged in the last 60 years, when, in the aftermath of the Second World War, fashion was one of the bright spots. What will happen to the modelling industry in the next 10 years?

Monday, 30 April 2012

Free Mobile Phone Gifts Go Viral

Web users have been seduced by the allure of luxurious free gifts when they buy a new mobile phone – it's a win-win offer.

The mobile phone market is increasingly competitive, with endless deals, free offers, and incentive packages from leading mobile phone networks. And now mobile phone suppliers are stepping up their game to make sure they stay on top of the competition by offering incredible free gifts. Affordable Mobiles has strengthened its position as a market leader thanks to its range of gifts that include:

l  Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit
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l  Toshiba NB100 Notebook
l  HP 55- Celeron Laptop
l  Sony PS3 – Fifa 09

In an attempt to allure users, Affordable Mobiles' free gifts with mobile phones scheme has gained immense popularity. Usually the free gift works as an incentive or bonus for the consumer, but Affordable Mobiles has turned that on its head, with many people being so enticed that they buy the handsets just for the free gift. Mobile phone use has become integral to how we live our lives. There are few people who don't need a mobile in this day and age, whether it's for simply making the odd call, to access emails, browse the internet, listen to music or use as a camera. By opting for a contract that offers free deals, incentives and long-term savings, consumers can make their money and their mobiles stretch further. And if you need a new TV or laptop, why not chuck in a mobile phone too?

Golf Equipment – Golf Accessory – Accessorise Your Garden

If you want your garden to live and breath golf then check out our suggestions for a garden filled with accessory after accessory.

It can be hard to leave the golf course when you love it so much, so why not create a haven of golf right on your doorstep – in your garden. There is every golf accessory you will need on today’s market to make your dream come true. So why not surround your home with tasteful garden and decorative accessories to remind you of your golf equipment.

If you have a large garden but find it hard to keep tidy, then choosing a golf accessory will brighten it up and create a better look for your garden overall. So why not tidy away your gardening equipment and switch to golf accessories to give your garden the facelift it needs.

Outdoor Golf Clock
Purchase an outdoor golf clock and with this accessory, you’ll never have to worry about looking at your watch again whilst outside. The Outdoor "Tee Time" Golf Clock is 12" in diameter and a perfect piece of equipment for any garden or outside patio.

Mosaic Golf Stepping Stones
Purchase some Mosaic Golf Stepping Stones to brighten up your garden or patio. They are the perfect golf accessory to take your mind off pining for your golf equipment and contain the following features:

  • Durable material
  • Colorful mosaic art
  • Unique outdoor golf design
  • 11 inches in diameter

Antique Golf Thermometer
This Nostagic Golf Thermometer is handsomely presented with old world charm and is a fantastic golf accessory for any garden. The antique golf thermometer features crossing golf clubs and a centred ball, whilst measuring 24 in. x 10in. The antique golf thermometer also makes a great golf gift if you want an option other then golf equipment for your loved one!

Golf-N-Chef Barbecue Utensil Set
For something a little more high tech, why not purchase a Golf-N-Chef Barbecue Accessory Set made with real grips and shafts. The equipment contains removable utensil heads for easy cleaning and is a great golf gift for anyone who loves cooking outdoors.

Golfers Walking Chair
This is the perfect piece of outdoor golf equipment as it can be used on the golf course or in your back garden in the same way. The tripod base and seat back provide a comfortable and secure seat and it is also a lightweight and easy to fold chair which becomes a walking cane or stores in your bag, making it the perfect accessory to show off to all your friends and they are great Family GiftsBottom of !

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Super Money Saver Tips for Golf – Part II

Many people think that golf is expensive to play, so we have included some ways of being creative and innovative.

Fairways – Playing on a golf course can be expensive if done regularly. You can however, find some ways to still play without spending more than what is needed:

  1. Ask a vendor or your supplier to sponsor your golf game – In some industries, this is a normal and acceptable practice. For example, your company is a client of a service provider, there are cases wherein your account representative is encouraged to do representations and treat valued customers such as you.

  1. If you are paying for your golf game, choose an inexpensive yet decent golf course. Play in expensive courses only if needed (e.g. if you have to treat a customer, etc).

Training lessons – Golf is a sport that requires constant practice and improvement. Learning the proper use of your golf equipment is just one of the many lessons that a golf trainer can impart to a student. Numerous patrons of the sport engage some form of regular training. You can still be able to find ways to save and still avail of a professional golf trainer.

  1. When you are undergoing training, be serious and maximize your time with your trainer. You will get more value for your money. If you take your lessons for granted, you will need more sessions, which translate to more payments.

  1. Try to befriend your trainer. If you get to his good side, your trainer may even give you a discount, or better: he may choose to give you free lessons!

Realistically, playing golf and keeping golf equipment will always entail a certain cost. The challenge really is to minimize all opportunities to spend by being creative and aware. Now that you have several tips exposed to you, feel free to use them as you see fit.