Thursday, 29 March 2012

Super Money Saver Tips for Golf – Part II

Many people think that golf is expensive to play, so we have included some ways of being creative and innovative.

Fairways – Playing on a golf course can be expensive if done regularly. You can however, find some ways to still play without spending more than what is needed:

  1. Ask a vendor or your supplier to sponsor your golf game – In some industries, this is a normal and acceptable practice. For example, your company is a client of a service provider, there are cases wherein your account representative is encouraged to do representations and treat valued customers such as you.

  1. If you are paying for your golf game, choose an inexpensive yet decent golf course. Play in expensive courses only if needed (e.g. if you have to treat a customer, etc).

Training lessons – Golf is a sport that requires constant practice and improvement. Learning the proper use of your golf equipment is just one of the many lessons that a golf trainer can impart to a student. Numerous patrons of the sport engage some form of regular training. You can still be able to find ways to save and still avail of a professional golf trainer.

  1. When you are undergoing training, be serious and maximize your time with your trainer. You will get more value for your money. If you take your lessons for granted, you will need more sessions, which translate to more payments.

  1. Try to befriend your trainer. If you get to his good side, your trainer may even give you a discount, or better: he may choose to give you free lessons!

Realistically, playing golf and keeping golf equipment will always entail a certain cost. The challenge really is to minimize all opportunities to spend by being creative and aware. Now that you have several tips exposed to you, feel free to use them as you see fit.

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