Thursday, 29 March 2012

Money Saving Tips on Golf

Golf has been perceived to be a rich man's game. It is associated with business deals, high profile networking, and exclusive clubs. One would never associate golf with something cheap.

Because of this reputation, many people do not try out the game at all (save perhaps for some chance encounter at "mini-golf" courses). What if there was a way to get into the sport without having to pay an arm and a leg? Impossible?

Let us analyse what makes golf seem so expensive.

Is it the Golf course? There are exclusive clubs out there, but you can always find a cheaper alternative nearby.

Is it the driving range? Again, you can always opt to play at a cheap range. No frills, nothing fancy. Just enough space to have this thing going

What really eats up the bulk of your golf expenses would be the equipment and accessories. Golf clubs. Drivers. Balls. Gloves. The whole gamut. The secret here is not to believe all the marketing hype. An expensive driver can definitely add a few extra meters to your ball, but if you are a beginner, who cares? Tiger Woods would care. But then again, you are not him. You are still learning the sport anyway. And if you are an experienced player, will you REALLY need the extra meters? A normal driver can still serve its purpose. Let us move to golf balls. Sales outlets of golf equipment will say: "Buy this brand, and you will have twice the distance!" Is this true? Not at all. Just because an item is more expensive does not necessarily mean that it has twice the quality. If you believe all the hype behind these expensive golf equipment, then you will drown yourself in plenty of expensive hardware that you can very well do without.

Try using just your regular golf equipment. Top of the line is for the pro's. For normal people, ordinary equipment will do. Once you convince yourself of this fact, you will realize that golf CAN be an inexpensive sport after all.

So the next time you go out and buy your golf equipment, always bear in mind that performance is not always dependent on cost. Also, live within your means. Set a personal limit for yourself. If you can, borrow equipment from experienced friends. I am certain they will allow you to use their equipment. And if you want your kids to follow in your footsteps there are some great money boxes for children that could set them up for a life of golf in the future.

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