Monday, 30 April 2012

Free Mobile Phone Gifts Go Viral

Web users have been seduced by the allure of luxurious free gifts when they buy a new mobile phone – it's a win-win offer.

The mobile phone market is increasingly competitive, with endless deals, free offers, and incentive packages from leading mobile phone networks. And now mobile phone suppliers are stepping up their game to make sure they stay on top of the competition by offering incredible free gifts. Affordable Mobiles has strengthened its position as a market leader thanks to its range of gifts that include:

l  Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit
l  LG 42 Inch TV
l  Toshiba Regza 32 Inch HD Ready LCD TV
l  Navigo Sat Nav
l  iPod Touch 32GB
l  Toshiba NB100 Notebook
l  HP 55- Celeron Laptop
l  Sony PS3 – Fifa 09

In an attempt to allure users, Affordable Mobiles' free gifts with mobile phones scheme has gained immense popularity. Usually the free gift works as an incentive or bonus for the consumer, but Affordable Mobiles has turned that on its head, with many people being so enticed that they buy the handsets just for the free gift. Mobile phone use has become integral to how we live our lives. There are few people who don't need a mobile in this day and age, whether it's for simply making the odd call, to access emails, browse the internet, listen to music or use as a camera. By opting for a contract that offers free deals, incentives and long-term savings, consumers can make their money and their mobiles stretch further. And if you need a new TV or laptop, why not chuck in a mobile phone too?

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